Martin Urquhart
Principal, Wildlife Technical Services

I began my career as a Wildlife Biologist in 1980. My primary areas of expertise and interest are large mammal prey and predator ecology and behavior. My project choices are driven by opportunities to experience new landscapes and habitats while helping research programs meet their capture, handling and data collection needs.

Over the past 31 years, I have spent significant time in the field/ backcountry – over 5,600 days. I have built a strong reputation as a highly capable field biologist with the skills and experience to help programs meet their goals and objectives.

I have gained extensive experience with a variety of species and their habitats within Western Canada and the Northwestern United States. Species include: Herptiles (frogs, toads, snakes and turtles), Avifauna (songbirds, raptors and waterfowl), Small Mammals, (mice, voles, weasels and squirrels), Large Mammals (black bear, grizzly bear, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, caribou, moose, elk and wolf). I have captured, immobilized and handled over 1,000 animals and conducted well over 1,000 telemetry flights. I have conducted a broad range of field work related to habitat assessment for a variety of species. Examples of fieldwork include wetland surveys (amphibians, waterfowl), breeding bird surveys, raptor nest site surveys, ungulate habitat selection and use (elk, moose, mountain goat) and black and grizzly bear habitat selection and microsite use.

I place the highest standards on the fieldwork I conduct personally, as well as that of individuals I train and supervise. This relates most particularly to the integrity of the data I collect and the safety and respect for the project field staff I work with as well as the animals we capture and monitor.

I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how Wildlife Technical Services can help you achieve your goals.


Martin A. Urquhart
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